Church Policies and Procedures Bring Freedom – Part 2

By Raul Rivera, CEO of

God’s response to a frustrated prophet

In Habakkuk chapter 1, the prophet registered a complaint with the Lord.  He was concerned about the way God’s enemies were triumphing over the righteous because the righteous had no leadership.  The Word of the Lord came back to the prophet, and the Lord required Habakkuk to put into writing the answer (Chapter 2:2).  He was told to make it plain so that those who were in charge of dissemination would be empowered to carry out the details of the revelation.  What did he write?  The vision is revealed all throughout chapter two.  It was a set of policies that steered the nation back to a path of righteousness.  Established policies create consistency and consistency promotes faithfulness. 

Pastor, let me ask you a couple of questions.  Do you have any written policies that guide the church?   Do you have the following policies?

  • Church property use policy
  • Cell phone use policy
  • Budget policy

My frustrated friend

My friend admired his pastor and wanted to make sure he served faithfully, but it was difficult to do it with joy, when the church had no clear policies to make decisions on projects and no real spending budget.  All decisions had to be made by the pastor, and if changes were necessary then those, too, had to be brought to the pastor…but the pastor would often forget the decisions he made.  Oftentimes, weeks would pass by and then the pastor would get upset over money that had been spent or the way something was being done, even though those serving in the various departments were merely carrying out the pastor’s previously rendered decisions.  Understandably, this recurring issue had been a point of frustration not only to my friend but also to many on the staff.  My friend wanted to help his pastor by asking him what and how he wanted to lead and then creating policies for all to follow, but he couldn’t.  The pastor said he did not want to submit himself to written policies.  He wanted to make decisions as they came.  Hence, why the ceiling above my friend’s head was too low.

“Policies not only help to set the vision, but they free those who serve under you.”

God has entrusted you with a vision

As Pastors and ministry leaders, God has entrusted you with a vision. But having the vision and living the vision is two different things. Having the right policies in place gives the vision clarity so others can read it and run with it. While the process of developing your polices does not sound that exciting, building a foundation upon which vision can be built does.

Source: – 04/22/2014